Staying Ahead With Party Rental Software

Automate all your business operations with the exciting features of the party rental software. Designed especially to cater for the business needs of event hire and party rental businesses, it is definitely an investment that will bring many benefits to your everyday business.

Reservation Management

Clients can book online the rental item of their choice. Product availability updates in real-time, which means you will not have to deal with the trouble that comes with double-bookings. You will also be notified of any changes made in reservations.

Mapping and Dispatch

Spend less fuel and less time doing delivery runs for your clients. The party rental software is integrated with apps such as Google Maps that will help your crew map the most time and fuel-efficient route from your warehouse to the clients’ specified destination.

Stay Connected With Clients

The software makes staying in touch with your clients and potential leads much easier. It loads all communication with clients such that even the newest of employees on your team should have no trouble whatsoever catching on. You can quite easily send email reminders to clients about their reservations, payment or any other issue.


In addition to the obvious convenience this means for your clients, the mobile friendly party rental software allows your team to view their shifts on their smartphones and other devices from anywhere. The system also sends automatic shift reminders to your team and you need not worry about being short-handed for any jobs.
In the competitive and very demanding party rental industry, being able to execute your operations in a fast and efficient fashion is an ideal that many companies can only hope to achieve. With the party rental software you can do exactly that and much more for the success and growth of your rental business.

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