Terms And Conditions For Your Bouncy Castle Hire Business: What To Include And Why It is Important

terms and conditions paper work

Investing in a functional and responsive booking system for your bouncy castle hire business, definitely has its rewards.  But just having the system in place is never quite enough. You will need to put measures in place to ensure that your online booking system runs smoothly and works not only for your clients, but also for your business. One such measure is to ensure that you have clearly specify the terms and conditions for hire.

Your terms and conditions document should be as all-inclusive and as extensive as can possibly get. Among the areas to consider include

  • Do you require partial or full payment before confirming bookings?
  • What is your privacy policy? How, if at all, will you use and/or share the information provided by clients during booking?
  • What payment methods do you accept and what does the payment cover?
  • What is your refund policy? Under what circumstances will the client qualify for a refund from your bouncy castle hire company?
  • What is your delivery policy? How early or late can clients expect deliveries and pick-ups?
  • What constitutes for an unsuitable and inaccessible venue? What is the company’s policy in such a case?
  • What constitutes for intended use and misuse?
  • Who will be responsible for set up and does your bouncy castle hire company have a contingency plan for venues without electricity supply
  • What are your health and safety standards and measures? What are rules to follow during use of the bouncy castles
  • What constitutes damage to the bouncy castle units and on which party does the liability lie?
  • What next in case of an accident or incident?
  • Are these terms and conditions subject to change and how will you communicate said changes to your clients?

The terms and conditions of hire play a significant role in defining the business relationship between your bouncy castle hire business and your clients. Its also a great way to protect your business in the event of a dispute.

Always be sure to include the terms and conditions document on your online booking platform. You can update your terms and conditions accordingly.

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